Why diesel generator set can’t in no load operation for a long time?

Diesel generator users have such a misconception. They always think that the smaller the load , the better for diesel generators.In fact , this is a serious misunderstanding. Long-term small load operation on the generator set has certain disadvantages.

1.If the load is too small, the generator piston, cylinder liner seal is not good, oil up, into the combustion chamber combustion, exhaust blue smoke, pollution of the air.

2.For supercharged diesel engines, due to low load, no load, making the engine boost pressure low. Easily leading to the sealing effect of the supercharger oil seal being reduced, the oil enters the boost chamber, along with the intake air into the cylinder, shorten the used-life of the generator.

3.If the load is too small, up to the cylinder part of the oil involved in combustion, part of the oil can not be completely burned, in the valve, intake, piston top piston ring and other places to form carbon, and part of the exhaust with exhaust. In this way, the cylinder liner exhaust channel will gradually collect oil, which will also form carbon, reducing the power of the generator set.

4.When use of overload is too small,the generator supercharger oil accumulates in the booster chamber to a certain extent, it will leak out of the supercharger at the combination surface.

5, If the generator in long-term small load operation, it will seriously lead to increased wear of moving parts, deterioration of the engine combustion environment and other consequences leading to an early change for other generators.

The fuel system does not have the function of regulating, the generator load is insufficient, then the power demand is insufficient, but the combustion system is normal supply, so the same amount of fuel in the case of insufficient demand can only match the demand by incomplete combustion. Incomplete combustion, the carbon in the fuel will increase, deposited in the system, at the time of such operation, will affect the efficiency and function of the system, and may even lead to the failure of the system equipment and valveparts. Many customers responded to the oil leak in the generator set, mainly because the long-term load is too small.

Post time: Nov-18-2022