Light power generator mobile lighting power generator set

Performance characteristics

Lamp cap configuration: it is composed of four 500W high-efficiency and energy-saving Philips brand lamp caps (LED lamp caps can be equipped as required). Each lamp cap can be adjusted up and down, left and right at a large angle to achieve 360° rotation according to the needs of the site. Omnidirectional lighting. The lamp caps can also be evenly distributed on the lamp panel to illuminate in four different directions. If four lamp caps are required to illuminate in the same direction, the whole lamp panel can be set at 250 to the opening direction according to the required lighting angle and orientation. Turn inside and turn 360 to the left and right with the cylinder as the axis. Rotation; The overall lighting takes into account the distance, high brightness and wide range.

Irradiation range: three telescopic cylinders are selected as the lifting adjustment mode, and the maximum lifting height is 11.5m; rotating the lamp cap up and down can adjust the beam irradiation angle, and the light coverage radius can reach 45-65m.

Lighting time: the generator set can be directly used for power supply, and 220V municipal power can also be connected for long-time lighting; the generator set is used for power supply, and the continuous working time can reach 13 hours.

Easy to operate: the wireless remote control can control the opening and closing of each lamp within 50m, and the electric or manual air pump can quickly control the lifting of the telescopic air rod.

Suitable place: the lamp panel, cylinder and generator set are of integral structure. The bottom of the generator set is equipped with universal wheel and rail wheel, which can run on potholes and uneven roads and rails.

Service environment: the whole is made of high-quality imported metal materials, with compact structure and stable performance to ensure normal operation under various harsh environments and climatic conditions. The rainproof, water spray and wind resistance grade is grade 8.

Customized for you: in order to meet the personalized needs of users, if the standard configuration of this product cannot meet the work needs of users, our company can adjust the number of lamp caps, power, floodlight or spotlight, the lifting height of telescopic cylinder and the configuration of generator according to the requirements of users.

LETON power light tower generator application

The omni-directional lifting working light is suitable for the needs of large-area high brightness lighting at the work sites of various large-scale construction operations, accident repair, rescue and disaster relief, such as railway, electric power, safety, fire control, petroleum, petrochemical, etc.

generator light tower 6kw

Generator light tower 6kw

generator light tower

Generator light tower

Hot sale portable mobile emergency led balloon light tower

Hot sale portable mobile emergency led balloon light tower

How to use LETON power light tower generator

1. Push the product to the workplace and place it stably, and press down the lock catch of the two universal wheels to lock the wheels to ensure that they do not roll;
2. Place the lifting cylinder vertically and tighten the manual screw;
3. Put the lamp panel on the minimum level shaft of the lifting air red, adjust the orientation, tighten the locking screw, then connect and tighten the aviation plug with the aviation socket of the lamp panel, and then insert the power plug on the cylinder into the socket on the generator,;
4. Check that the generator load switch is set to off;
5. The generator grounding wire shall be reliably grounded in rainy days or humid environment;
6. Check the oil level of generator.

6.1 open the filler cap and clean the oil filler gauge with a clean rag;
6.2 insert the oil feeler gauge into the oil filler. At this time, it is not necessary to rotate the oil feeler gauge. If the oil level is lower than the lower limit of the oil feeler gauge, add oil;
6.3 fill the engine oil to the upper limit of the oil level of the oil feeler gauge. Pay attention to filling the four stroke engine oil. Do not use impure four stroke engine oil or two-stroke engine oil, otherwise the service life of the generator will be shortened;
6.4 tighten the oil feeler gauge;
6.5 check the fuel level. If it is too low, fill 93# gasoline and install the fuel tank cap;
6.6 check the air filter to ensure it is clean and intact;
6.7 connect the power connector wire of the generator to the manual control box before starting the generator;
6.8 connect the power supply of the air pump to the manual control box;
6.9 the diameter of the handle control box is 8mm, the air pipe is connected to the air rod, and the diameter is 6mm to the air pump; Finally, connect the lamp cap switching power supply;
6.10 place the fuel valve at the on position and turn the choke lever to the "close" position when the cold engine is started;
(do not turn the choke lever to the "close" position when the hot engine is started); Place the engine switch in the "on" position, gently pull up the starting handle to the resistance, and then pull it up with force. After starting, do not let the handle spring back suddenly, but put it back gently; When the engine warms up, pull the choke back;
6.11 for manual operation, please turn on the main switching power supply of the manual control box first, raise the lamp pole to the maximum and keep it for 5-10 seconds before turning it off (built-in 2kg pressure switch).

light moblie tower

Light moblie tower

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Lighting tower diesel generator

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