Sichuan Leton Industry Co.,Ltd.(known as LETON power)started the business from year of 2001. Nowadays LETON power as an internationalized company with more than 800 staffs, who integrated R&D, manufacturing, marketing on alternators, engines,generators, and electric power products, is committed to providing the customers with innovative and high-efficient power solutions.LETON power products have been well recognized in more than 90 countries and regions. The booming development of LETON power in the global market is attributed to its development strategy that sustainable development must be closely tied to the "low carbon" economic target. In the whole process from R&D to manufacturing, the concept of energy-saving and environmental protection is always in the deep mind of LETON power family.
LETON power generator sets already passed the global ISO9001 systems certified.CE certified. We satisfy the world's users' access to more convenient, more efficient, more energy saving, more stable and lower emissions power appliance.We insist on the quality of enterprise as a fundamental survival, complete sets of quality control system has been set up. Through equipment performance testing, we ensure that products 100% factory qualified.At the same time, LETON also attaches great importance to the product after-sales service system in order to resolve worries of customers abroad. LETON power always believes innovation leads the future power!
As the excellent manufacturer of complete power system,LETON power has its unique advantage in manufacturing of alternators,engines, generator sets interference-free power, switch cabinet and automatic transfer switch. A components are from the only one manufacturer and designed for cooperative and smooth operation. so high-efficient.cost-effective and seamless solutions can be provided for LETON power customers