Trailer silent diesel generator towable standby power plantImage

Trailer silent diesel generator towable standby power plant

1. Configuration of on-board generator set:

(1) Tow:
(2) Braking: air brake interface and hand brake system are provided to ensure safety during driving.
(3) Support: equipped with mechanical or hydraulic support device to ensure the stability of mobile power station during operation.
(4) Doors and windows: there are ventilation windows and gates for operators to operate and maintain.
(5) Lighting: there is a ceiling explosion-proof lamp in the trunk, which is convenient for staff to operate.
(6) Appearance: the exhaust pipe adopts upper or lower exhaust.

2. Characteristics of on-board generator set

1. Significant low noise performance, generator noise limit 75db (a) (1m away from the unit).
2. The overall design of the unit has compact structure, small volume and novel and beautiful shape.
3. Multilayer shielding impedance mismatch sound insulation cover.
4. Noise reduction type multi-channel air inlet and exhaust, air inlet and exhaust channels to ensure sufficient power performance of the unit.
5. Large impedance composite silencer.
6. Large capacity fuel injector.
7. The special quick opening cover plate is convenient for maintenance.

800KW mobile diesel generator 07

800KW mobile diesel generator

silent trailer generator set

Silent trailer generator set

trailer generator

Trailer generator

3.On board generator set is divided according to structure and function

Hand push, three wheel, four wheel, automobile power station, trailer power station, mobile low noise power station, mobile container power station, electric engineering vehicle, etc.

4. Control system of on-board generator set

Safety protection: safe shutdown protection for low oil pressure (≤ 0.5kg / cm2), safe shutdown protection for high water temperature (≥ 95 ℃), short circuit and overload protection.
Protector made in China or imported.
Generator set instruments: generator voltmeter, water temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, charging ammeter and fuel level gauge.
The generator set controls the preheating / start switch, on / off switch, power generation and power on indicator light.


Silent trailer generator set

Silent trailer generator set

Silent Trailer generator silent

Silent trailer generator silent

5. Service commitment of on-board generator set

Adhering to the business philosophy of "products are like character, be a man before doing things, and everything is for the sake of users", the company hereby solemnly promises to product service:

1. Technical service: send personnel to the site for technical guidance free of charge, assist in the setting of machine room, free commissioning, formulate training plan for users, train operators (factory or site) free of charge, and both parties discuss the training method, content and time, which shall be determined according to the actual situation.
2. Spare parts Service: some vulnerable parts will be provided free of charge during the three guarantee period, and spare parts and technical support will be provided for a long time outside the three guarantee period.
3. Maintenance service: in case of any product failure during use, the user will send personnel to the site for service at any time. The company will arrange and implement it within 24 hours in this province and within 36 hours in other provinces based on the maintenance report and product certificate of the distribution company or user unit. The three guarantee period is one year or 1000 hours of operation (whichever comes first), with lifelong service.
4. Service principle: in case of failure during the use of the product, the company can send personnel to provide on-site service to ensure timely operation.
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