Data center standby power generator LETON power diesel generator setImage

Data center standby power generator LETON power diesel generator set

Data center standby power generator LETON power diesel generator set

Data center generator

The data center is a complex set of facilities. It includes not only computer system and other supporting equipment (such as communication and storage system), but also redundant data communication connection, environmental control equipment, monitoring equipment and various safety devices.

With the rapid development of financial industry in recent years, its requirements for information storage and processing capacity are higher and higher. All kinds of services in the financial industry depend on the management and analysis of information. As a platform supporting information application, data center will play a more and more important role. Power supply is the basic guarantee for the normal operation of IT equipment in the data center. In case of power supply failure in the data center, the consequences caused by data loss will be disastrous. Therefore, the emergency power supply system is one of the indispensable and important equipment in the data center.
Diesel generator system is one of the emergency power sources widely used in data center. In case of emergency of municipal power failure, the ups or high-voltage DC backup battery in the data center enters the discharge mode to maintain the continuity of power supply for it equipment. At the same time, the diesel generator set configured in the data center is quickly started and combined to provide power guarantee for the whole data center. The reasonable configuration of diesel generator system determines the safety, reliability and long-term of uninterrupted power supply of equipment. During the preliminary design and planning of the data center, the diesel generator set shall be configured as the emergency power supply guarantee for disaster recovery according to the introduction capacity of municipal power outside the data center.

The bank's data center has also proved that the diesel generator set can become a strong backing and escort the disaster recovery capacity of the data center. Leton power emergency power supply system plans and designs the emergency power supply system of the project, including emergency power distribution system, comprehensive protection system, parallel system, automatic control system, auxiliary operation system (oil supply and ventilation) and machine room noise control system, so as to provide safe and reliable emergency power supply system solutions for the project.

In addition, pay attention to daily maintenance when using diesel generator set to prolong its service life:

1. It is forbidden to shut down with load. Before each shut down, the load must be cut off gradually, then the output air switch of the generator set must be turned off, and finally the diesel engine shall be slowed down to idle speed for about 3-5 minutes before shut down.
2. Daily maintenance and repair of dummy load in order to prevent the dummy load box from being exposed to the sun and rain, a rain cover is often installed on the box, so it needs to be waterproof and antirust treated regularly every year. When the dummy load is working, the temperature inside the box itself is very high and needs to be dissipated. Therefore, the box itself is not a closed environment. Rainwater penetrates into the heat dissipation hole, resulting in excessive moisture in the box, and the insulation of the resistance wire will be reduced if it is used for a long time; In addition, regular maintenance of dummy load is also required. When the dummy load works, it is not only a high-temperature but also a high-voltage dangerous charged body. Therefore, regular routine health inspection is required, such as internal dust removal, component inspection and insulation monitoring.
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