Weichai 110kVA generator for sale 50/60Hz 1500/1800RPM type

weichai diesel generator 110kVA
diesel generator 158.4A

Rated power: 80kW
Max. Power: 88kw
100kVA weichai generator
IOS generator
120V 220V, 400V diesel generator

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Weichai’s diesel generator sets, including the 48kW, 60kW, and 80kW models, are at the forefront of driving innovation in power solutions. The 48kW model offers versatility and economy, while the 60kW and 80kW models excel in precision and power, catering to a range of applications. Weichai’s commitment to innovation, combined with a legacy of reliability, positions these generator sets as trusted solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of power generation.


Output (kVA) 66 80 95 100 115
Generator Model DGS-WP66S DGS-WP80S DGS-WP95S DGS-WP100S DGS-WP110S
Phase 1/3
Voltage (V) 110-415
Engine Model WP4.1D66E200 WP4.1D80E201 WP4.1D95E201 WP4.1D100E200 WP4.1D115E201
Frequency (Hz) 50 60 60 50 60
Speed (RPM) 1500 1800 1800 1500 1800
Dimension (mm) 2950*1050*1450 2950*1050*1450 2950*1050*1450 2950*1050*1450 3400*1200*1950

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