Perkins 1104A-44TG1 engine type generator 60kVA

Perkins 1104A-44TG1 60kW generator
Perkins 3 phases diesel generator

Rated power: 52kW
Max. Power: 58kW
Perkins generator 65kVA
Perkins Stamford generatorsGenertor Perkins 52kW

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The 52kW Perkins silent diesel generator set is a marvel of efficiency and quiet operation. Powered by Perkins’ advanced engine technology, this generator guarantees a stable and efficient power supply for a multitude of applications. The silent design not only reduces noise levels but also ensures a compact and user-friendly solution. Perkins’ emphasis on fuel efficiency and durability positions the 52kW generator set as an ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable and discreet power solutions.


Generator Output (kW/kVA) 48kW/60kVA 64kW/80kVA 80kW/100kVA
Generator Model DGS-PK60S DGS-PK80S DGS-PK100S
Phase 1phase/3 Phase 1phase/3 Phase 1phase/3 Phase
Power Factor 0.8/1.0 0.8/1.0 0.8/1.0
Voltage (V) 110/220/240/380/400 110/220/240/380/400 110/220/240/380/400
Engine Model 1104D-44TG2 1104A-44TG2 1104C-44TAG2
Frequency (Hz) 50Hz / 60Hz 50Hz / 60Hz 50Hz / 60Hz
Speed (RPM) 1500 / 1800 rpm 1500 / 1800 rpm 1500 / 1800 rpm

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