There are five major hazards in low load operation of diesel generator

As we know, the main purpose of low load operation of diesel generator is to control preheating and prevent rapid wear of diesel generator. The long-term low load operation is undoubtedly an obstacle to the normal operation of diesel generators. Let’s learn about the five hazards of moving parts wear during long-term low load operation of diesel generators.

Harm of diesel generator set in low load operation
When the diesel generator set operates under small load, the following five hazards will occur with the extension of operation time:
▶ Harm 1. The piston cylinder liner is not well sealed, the fuel runs up, enters the combustion chamber for combustion, and the exhaust emits blue smoke;
▶ Harm 2. For supercharged diesel engine, the supercharging pressure is low due to low load and no-load. It is easy to cause the sealing effect of supercharger fuel seal (non-contact type) to decline, and the fuel rushes into the supercharging chamber and enters the cylinder with the intake air;
▶ Harm III. part of the engine fuel flowing up to the cylinder is involved in combustion, part of the engine fuel can not be completely burned, and carbon deposits are formed at the valve, air inlet, piston crown, piston ring, etc., and some are discharged with the exhaust. In this way, engine fuel will gradually accumulate in the exhaust passage of cylinder liner, and carbon will also be formed;
▶ Harm IV. if the fuel in the supercharger accumulates to a certain extent, it will leak from the joint surface of the supercharger;
▶ Harm v. long term low load operation will lead to more serious consequences such as increased wear of moving parts and deterioration of engine combustion environment, leading to the advance of overhaul period.

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Post time: Jul-04-2019