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LETON power Ricardo generator set product overview
The LETON power Ricardo generator set is an officially authorized product of Ricardo. It adopts the R series diesel engine. It is a product developed by LETON power with the introduction of advanced technology from the United Kingdom and Austria and aimed at the harsh climate environment in China. It has good starting performance and low fuel consumption, low displacement, simple operation, convenient maintenance and so on. Our company learns from others’ strengths, constantly digests and absorbs foreign advanced technologies. On the basis of introducing and developing British Rica R series diesel engines, we have successively introduced the combustion technology of Austrian AVL Company, the Italian Fiat casting technology, the German Hautinger cold core shooting machine, and the German Lai The three-coordinate measuring instrument and other advanced technology and equipment make the reliability and life of the R series diesel engine reach the advanced level of similar products in the world.

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LETON power Ricardo generator set product overview

LETON power’s latest Ricardo generator set is a vertical four-cylinder, six-cylinder, water-cooled, four-stroke, direct-injection high-speed diesel generator. The power range is 15-1200KW, and the speed is 1500-2400r/min. It has the advantages of low fuel consumption, large torque, easy starting, and convenient operation and maintenance. Ideal power for generator sets, stationary power, construction machinery and agricultural machinery. It has better performance, better quality and more guaranteed service among similar generator products. It is the recommended product of the Starlight Ricardo generator set department.

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Ricardo 50kW generator sets

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LETON power Ricardo generator set configuration standard:

1. Engine: Ricardo series diesel engine;
2. Engine type: water-cooled, in-line, four-stroke, wet cylinder liner, direct injection;
3. Generator: brushless excitation generator.

Control systems for LETON power Ricardo generator sets:

1. Automatic alarm system: the equipment is equipped with a sound and light alarm system, and any of the following faults occurs: failure to start, high water temperature, low oil pressure, overspeed, overload, automatic alarm and shutdown when overcurrent.

2. Monitoring instrument:
(1) Voltmeter, three-phase ammeter, frequency meter
(2) Water temperature and oil pressure gauge
(3) Oil gauge, oil temperature gauge
(4) Alarm light and buzze.

LETON power Ricardo generator set product advantages and features:

1. Introduce the combustion technology of Austrian AVL company to enhance the cold startability and power of the diesel engine;
2. Simple operation, convenient maintenance and timely service;
3. The integral crankshaft and gantry type body can be interchanged with the old 135 diesel engine as a whole;
4. The generator set adopts a new type of constricted combustion chamber to achieve environmental protection indicators;
5. Optimized design of lubrication and cooling system and reliable performance;
6. Low fuel consumption and low displacement, and high-power models are equipped with monitoring instruments;
7. There are four protection and long-distance remote control functions;
8. It has a strong plateau working ability, and the power is reduced by 3%;
9. DC start, four-stroke, water cooling, direct injection, 150rpm self-fan closed-cycle cooling, exhaust gas turbocharging.

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Ricardo cheap generators sets

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  • Genset no. Prime power
    Standby power
    Engine power
    No. of cyclinder Oil capaaty
    g/kw • h
    LT26R 24/30 26/33 K4100D 30. 1/33 4 13 205 1600X590X1350 800
    LT33R 30/38 33/41 K4100D 30.1/33 4 13 205 1600X590X1350 960
    LT55R 50/63 55/69 R4105ZD 56/62 4 13 205 1600X590X1350 1020
    LT83R 75/94 83/103 R6105ZD 84/92. 4 6 17 205 1800X700X1500 1100
    LT110R 100/125 110/139 R6105ZLD-1 110/121 6 17 205 2500X780X1500 1700
    LT132R 120/150 132/165 R6105AZLD-1 120/132 6 17 205 2600X800X1500 1900
    LT165R 150/188 165/206 HK6113ZLD 155/171 6 28.7 205 2800X950X1650 2800
    LT220R 200/250 220/275 TAD200 206/227 6 34.4 205 3300X1400X1700 2800
    LT275R 250/313 275/344 TAD250 278/308 6 34.4 205 3300X1440X1700 3000
    LT330R 300/375 330/413 TAD300-6 300/330 6 34.4 205 3300X1440X1700 3100
    LT385R 350/438 385/481 TAD350 372/410 12 57.4 205 3400X1440X1700 3500
    LT440R 400/500 440/550 TAD400 409/450 12 57.4 205 3400X1440X1900 4300
    LT550R 500/625 550/688 TAD500 500/550 12 57.4 213.7 3800X1440X1900 4800
    LT660R 600/750 660/825 TAD600 600/660 12 57.4 221 4000X1440 X 2100 5500
    LT770R 700/875 770/963 TAD700 720/780 12 80 221 4000X1440 X 2100 6000
    LT880R 800/1000 880/1100 TAD800 818/900 12 80 221 4500X1840 X 2160 6500
    LT990R 900/1125 990/1238 TAD900 992 (GZL) 12 200 209.4 6000 X 2000 X 2670 12500
    LT1100R 1000/1250 1100/1375 TAD1000 1000 (GZL1) 12 200 209.4 6200 X 2100 X 2800 13200
    LT1320R 1200/1500 1320/1650 TAD1200 1000 (GZL1) 12 200 209.4 6500X2300X2800 13700


    1.Above technical parameters speed is 1500RPM, frequency 50HZ, rated voltage 400 / 230V, power factor 0.8, and 3-phase 4-wire. 60HZ diesel generators can be made according to the specific needs of customers.

    2.Alternator is based on customer needs, you can choose from Qiangsheng (recommend),Shanghai MGTATION, Wuxi Stamford, motor, Leroy somer, Shanghai marathon and other famous brands.

    3.The above parameters are for reference only, subject to change without notice.
    Leton power is a manufacturer specializing in the production of generators, engines and diesel generator sets. It is also an OEM supporting manufacturer of diesel generator sets authorized by China Ricardo. Leton power has a professional sales service department to provide users with one-stop services of design, supply, commissioning and maintenance at any time.