Ricardo 80 KW Diesel Generators 3 phase rc-80s diesel generator 100kVA

80 KW Diesel Generators
3 phase diesel generator 100kVA

Rated power: 80kW
Power capacity: 100kVA
Factory 80kW generator
ATS silent generatorHospital, factory use generator

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This 80 KW Ricardo diesel generator set is designed for home use backup power supply. It is a 3-phase generator set, suitable for powering various home appliances and electrical systems.

The Ricardo diesel engine powers the generator set, providing reliable and efficient power output. The engine is designed for longevity and durability, ensuring consistent performance over time.

The generator set has a 100kVA capacity, providing sufficient power output for most home applications. It can handle high-power loads and provide continuous power supply in case of power supply interruptions.

The generator set is equipped with advanced controls and monitoring systems, simplifying operation and maintenance. It also includes safety features such as over-current protection and over-temperature protection, ensuring the safety of the generator set and the home.

Overall, this 80 KW Ricardo diesel Generators set 3 phase home use back up diesel generator 100kVA is a reliable and efficient solution for providing backup power supply to homes. It ensures continuous and uninterrupted power supply, protecting valuable appliances and electrical systems from power supply interruptions.


Output (kW/kVA) 56/70 64/80 70/88 80/100
Generator Model DGS-RC70S DGS-RC80S DGS-RC88S DGS-RC100S
Phase 1/3
Voltage (V) 110-415
Engine Model R6105ZD R6105ZD R6105ZD R6105AZLD
No. of Cylinder 6 6 6 6
Current(A) 100.8 115.2 126 144
Frequency (Hz) 50/60Hz
Speed (RPM) 1500/1800
Dimension (mm) 2950*1050*1450 2950*1050*1450 2950*1050*1450 2950*1050*1450

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