Why are large-scale diesel generators becoming popular on the market?

The diesel generator is solid and reliable, and it is an economicalchoice for many commercial applications. It can be used as a permanentbackup power system and a mobile power supply for construction sites.Why are diesel generator sets more popular?
1. Reliability
Most large diesel generators run at 1500RPM and are water-cooled,which has a longer service life than small air-cooled gasoline generators at 3600RPM. Large diesel engines are very reliable. Generally speaking, if the machine is properly maintained, it can be used for more than 30,000 hours before it needs maintenance.
2. Low cost
As fuel prices continue to rise, diesel generators have become a more attractive option. Generally speaking, the cost of diesel produced per kilowatt is usually 30-50% lower than that of natural gas, gasoline or propane. Moreover, longer service means lower maintenance costs.
3. Wide power range
Although the power of diesel engines usually ranges from 10KW to 300kW, they can be as small as 5KW and as large as over 3000KW. Larger models can be provided as towing devices mounted on trailers.At present, there are four main types of diesel generators on the market: common diesel generators, standby generators, mobile trailer generators,
and silent box generators. Each type has different power output, function and price. Mobile trailer generators are very useful when providing temporary power to work sites or remote areas. The standby generator set can be permanently installed and used as an alternative power supply in an emergency, which is common in hospitals, factories, schools, buildings and computer data centers. As one of the most prestigious manufacturers and suppliers of commercial diesel generators, Leton provides diesel generators with various models and power to provide you with the best service.

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Post time: Mar-21-2024