What will be affected the silent diesel generators

The use of silent generator set is greatly affected by the surrounding environment. When the environmental climate changes, the silent generator set will also change due to the change of environment. Therefore, when installing silent diesel generator set, we must take into account the impact of climate environment. When the environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and height change, it will affect the operation of the set, But the reality is more than that. The silent generator set developed and designed by ZhengChi power not only has novel style and guaranteed quality, but also can reduce the noise to below 64-75 dB, and the products meet the military industry standard. For silent generator set, many other factors will also have an impact on the normal operation of the set, but it is relatively small. So, what will affect the set?
1. The air contains corrosive gases with other chemical properties;
2. Salt water (FOG);
3. Dust or sand;
4. Rainwater;

Therefore, when purchasing a silent generator, we should comprehensively consider the possible impact of various complex climates on the generator to ensure that the generator can work normally.
If the silent generator set operated for a long time is not maintained regularly, the cylinder head nut may be loose or other parts of the cylinder may be damaged. The above conditions will lead to the problem of water overflow of the silent generator cylinder. When the water overflow is serious, it will affect the safe operation of the diesel generator set.
First of all, we need to understand the causes of the water overflow problem of the silent generator cylinder, which can be divided into two types: the cylinder pad of the silent generator set is damaged, or the tightening torque of the nut on the cylinder head of the silent generator is not enough.
After the silent generator set stopped rotating, the user removed the valve cover, rocker arm seat, etc. and checked the fastening nut of the cylinder head. It was found that the tightening torque of the fastening nut was severe and uneven, and some used 100N M torque can be screwed. Press 270n for each nut from the beginning After tightening with m torque, install the rocker arm seat and adjust the valve clearance.

Post time: Feb-20-2022