What is the discard standard of a diesel generator?

Mechanical equipment has service life, and diesel generator set is no exception. So what is the scrapping standard of diesel generator set? Leton power briefly introduces under what circumstances the diesel generator set can be scrapped.
1. For the old generator set equipment that has exceeded the specified service life, the structure and parts of the diesel generator set are seriously worn, the equipment efficiency can not meet the requirements, and the generator set cannot be repaired or has no repair and transformation value.
2. Diesel generator sets that cannot be repaired for equipment seriously damaged due to accidental disasters or major accidents.
3. It will seriously affect the environmental protection and safety, and the continued use will pollute the environment, cause personal safety accidents and Weihai health, and repair and transform the generator set which is uneconomical.
4. For the special equipment eliminated due to product type change and process change, it is not suitable to modify the generator set.
5. A generator set that cannot be used or transferred out of the old equipment replaced by technical transformation and renewal.
In case of the above five situations, we can apply for scrapping the diesel generator set. Leton power reminds you that the service life of general diesel generator sets is: the service life of domestic diesel generator sets is 10000 hours or 10 years; The service life of imported diesel generator set is 12000 hours or 12 years.

Post time: May-06-2022