What do we need to know when we buy a diesel generator set?

Nowadays, diesel generator equipment is widely used in all walks of life and has unlimited potential for the market. However, after purchasing diesel generator set equipment, many people neglect the inspection and verification of the equipment and put it into production directly, causing unnecessary troubles in the later period, which is also very disadvantageous to the development of the enterprise. Next, we will introduce the relevant information to you. Through our introduction, we hope you can get some results.

It is a mistake that many users may have installed and used diesel generators directly after they have purchased them without paying attention to the relevant information about the equipment. Before using them, we need to check several pieces of information, which will be more powerful for later use. First, verify the true useful power, economic power and standby power of the equipment. In the process of equipment use, we need to clearly understand the power of the equipment, so that we can combine the actual working environment to see if it meets the power requirements of the equipment and bring the best use benefit to the enterprise. The true useful power is calculated by multiplying the 12-hour rated power of the equipment by 0.9. If the rated power of the generator is less than this data value, then the rated power is the true useful power of the equipment. If more than this data value, then this data is the true useful power of the equipment. If you are in this industry, you can remember this calculation slightly to facilitate later accounting.

Second, verify the self-protection function of diesel generator set. In the process of equipment use, we may encounter some problems or accidents. After knowing the self-protection function of equipment, we can facilitate the later use of equipment. In case of problems, we are more sure that the staff can better cooperate with the equipment to solve the problems.

Third, verify whether the equipment settings meet the national requirements. For example, power wiring, protection grounding and three-phase loads of equipment, we need to see if these settings are qualified and reliable. If the production is not qualified, problems will inevitably occur in the later production process of equipment, even leaving potential safety hazards. It is also very important for enterprise development to do a good job of verification and inspection in the early stage to avoid safety problems in the later period.

Above is an introduction of what information our experts bring to you about to verify after purchasing diesel generator set equipment. Through our introduction, we believe that everyone understands the importance of verifying information. In the later period, we hope you can pay more attention to this verification work in actual equipment purchasing and using process.

Post time: Apr-24-2020