What are the usual spare parts of diesel generator?

Diesel generator is a kind of generator commonly used. Its use not only provides great safety guarantee for many industries, but also promotes the development of many industries. Of course, this is closely related to the effective operation of diesel generator. What are the accessories of diesel generator? What is the cleaning method of diesel generator? Let’s look at the details.

Introduction to accessories of diesel generator:
1. Supercharger: this accessory is an air pump driven by exhaust gas. Its main function is to provide air to the main engine, and the air has standard pressure.
2. Crankshaft and main bearing: a long shaft installed under the cylinder block is the crankshaft. If a connecting rod shaft with offset is installed on the shaft, it will be called crankshaft crank pin.
3. Valve and cylinder head: the function of providing cover for cylinder refers to cylinder head and valve.
4. Cylinder block: the cylinder block is very important for the internal combustion engine, because the cylinder block is the skeleton of the internal combustion engine, and all components used in the diesel generator are connected to the cylinder block, so the cylinder block is a very important accessory.
5. Timing gear and camshaft: in diesel generator, timing gear and camshaft can drive fuel injection pump or lubricating fuel pump, and also operate exhaust valve and inlet valve.

Post time: May-04-2020