What are the routine maintenance and repair items for diesel generators?

Proper maintenance of diesel generators, especially preventive maintenance, is the most economical maintenance, which is the key to prolonging the service life and reducing the cost of using diesel generators. The following will introduce some
routine maintenance and maintenance items.

1、Check the fuel tank fuel quantity and observe the fuel tank stock, add enough oil as needed.

2、Check the oil plane in the oil pan, the oil level should reach the engraved line mark on the oil dipstick, and if it is insufficient, it should be added to the specified amount.

3、Check the governor oil plane of the injection pump. The oil level should reach the oil dipstick on the engraved line mark, and should be added when insufficient.

4、Check the three leaks (water, oil, gas). Eliminate oil and water leaks on the sealing surface of oil and water pipes and water joints; eliminate air leaks in the intake and exhaust pipes, cylinder head gaskets and turbocharger.

5、Check the installation of diesel engine accessories. Including the installation of stability accessories, foot bolts and work machinery connected to the reliability.

6、Check the meters. Observe whether the readings are normal, such as errors should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

7、check the drive connection plate of the injection pump. Connected screws are not loose, otherwise you should reset the injection advance angle and tighten the connecting screws.

8、clean the appearance of diesel engines and auxiliary equipment. Wipe off the oil, water and dust on the surface of the engine body, turbocharger, cylinder head housing, air filter, etc. with a dry cloth or dry rag dipped in diesel; wipe or blow with compressed air to clean the dust on the surface of the charging generator, radiator, fan,etc.

Post time: Nov-06-2022