What are the functional differences between automatic and automatic switching of diesel generator sets?

There are two statements about the automatic operation of diesel generator set. One is automatic system switching ATS, i.e. automatic system switching-back without manual operation. However, the automatic system switchgear must be added to the frame of automatic controller to complete the automatic system switching-back. It is automatically operated and generated after the power failure in the city, when the data signal is automatically recognized by the diesel generator set, then the system automatically delivers power. When a city call comes, the system will automatically switch off, stop automatically, return to the initial mode and wait for the next opening.

The automatic operation of diesel generators is different. It can only be done by another fully automatic controller, which automatically starts the diesel generator set when a power outage is detected. When the city calls, the diesel generator set only stops the system automatically, but it will not switch off automatically, so it must be operated manually.

These two types of automatic are quite a lot. When choosing the automatic generator set, the user must understand which type of automatic is needed. The set with ATS automatic switching power cabinet must be more expensive. If not, it can not be configured to avoid waste. In fact, only diesel generators in fire safety emergency must be fully automatic, whereas in general, diesel generators must only be operated automatically.

Post time: Feb-26-2021