Some basic information of LETON power Container generators set

Today, we will briefly introduce the importance of the reasonable speed of container generators. What else do you need to know about this? Welcome to consult LETON power service. Next, we will introduce relevant information to you. .

The working chamber of the generator is a cycle process, so in the continuous cycle of work, a unit is needed to describe the index of the number of times of work. Generally, we use the number of revolutions of the crankshaft per minute to express, which is called the speed. Generally speaking, the speed of the generator is 1500r/min. For generators, it is very important to maintain a reasonable speed, which can effectively reduce wear and prolong the service life of the generator.

The low speed of the generator will cause the working speed of each component to drop, which will deteriorate the working performance of the components and reduce the output pressure of the oil pump. The low speed of the generator will reduce the output power of the diesel engine and reduce its dynamic performance. If the speed of the generator is too low, the speed of the working machinery of the linkage mechanism will also decrease, which will reduce the mechanical performance of the work, such as reducing the water output of the water pump and the head of the water pump. The low speed of the generator will reduce the reserve power of the diesel engine, so that the diesel engine that should be working normally is in a full load or overload working state.

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Post time: Mar-11-2019