How to correctly replace the engine oil of diesel generator set?

1. Place the generator set in a plane and start the engine for a few minutes to increase the fuel temperature and then stop the engine.
2. Remove the down-filling bolt (i.e. fuel scale).
3. Place an fuel basin under the engine and remove the fuel draining screw so that the fuel can be discharged from the crankshaft fuel tank.
4. Check fuel drain screw, sealing ring and rubber ring. Replace immediately if damaged.
5. Reinstall and tighten fuel drain screw.
6. Lower the fuel to the top of the fuel scale mesh.

Be careful:
1. The fuel should be changed immediately after 20 hours (or one month) of initial use of the generator set.
2. The fuel must be changed every 1000 hours (or 6 months) after use. (Clean fuels with viscosity SAE10W30, API grade SG, SH, SJ or higher are required for increased times in harsh environments).

Post time: Sep-06-2021