How to calculate the fuel consumption of generator

The fuel index is determined by the following factors: diesel generator sets of various brands consume different amounts of fuel; The size of the electrical load is related. So refer to the agent’s instructions for the generator set.
Generally speaking, the diesel generator set consumes about 206G fuel per kilowatt per hour. That is, the fuel consumption per kilowatt diesel generator set is 0.2 litres per hour.
If the cylinder liner and piston wear also has an effect,
The other is what you said about the performance of the diesel generator sets you purchased.

For example:
How do you calculate the fuel consumption of a 100 kW diesel generator set?
Fuel consumption of 100 kW diesel generator set = 100*0.2=20 litres or so
When the load is higher, the throttle will consume more fuel and the load is smaller.
The key is whether the machine is in good condition and maintained correctly in peacetime.
In addition to the above two conditions, fuel consumption is set at around 20 litres per hour.

Post time: Sep-26-2019