How many kinds of diesel generator?

What are the diesel generator models? In order to maintain the operation of important loads in the event of power outages, various diesel generator models are widely used in various buildings. What are the diesel generator models? Different environments and occasions suit different diesel generator models, let’s take a look together!

Standard Container Type
This type of diesel generator can be said to be a generator widely impressed by everyone and has a wide range of applications. Besides various types of civil buildings or heavy-duty factories, it can also be configured as a marine generator.
To this end, the diesel generator type has CSC certification certificate in accordance with the International Convention on Container Safety. All hinges, locks and bolts are stainless steel and install anti-SEA wave and rainwater intrusion devices. The beam is made of square pipe, which improves the overall mechanical strength of the container and can withstand higher dynamic load impact of the generator set. In order to avoid the “three leaks” of the body polluting the environment, an engine three leaks collection system is also installed at the bottom.
For safety reasons, diesel generators in civil buildings are usually located on the ground floor, underground first floor or underground second floor. In order to adapt to the hot and humid basement environment with weak ventilation and heat dissipation, open-shelf diesel generator can be selected.
For the convenience of small engine room and mobile users, the 100-way open-shelf diesel generator uses a base type fuel tank, which can be used for more than 8 hours, making the fuel system more complete, eliminating the installation of on-site fuel system and providing a fuel return heat insulation device.
The control panel is mounted on the common chassis to isolate the vibration from the diesel engine or on the generator through the shock absorber. The operation and protection system should be improved later.

Mute box diesel generator
Hotels, hospitals and other places are of special nature. In order to avoid the impact on the rest of passengers or doctors, there are usually stringent restrictions on the noise level of diesel generator models.
The diesel generator cabinet of the third generation 100-proof muffler is treated with high-efficiency flame-retardant and sound-absorbing material, and has a large horizontal muffler built in. The overall structure is more compact. Under full load, more than 30% noise reduction can be guaranteed compared with open-shelf type.
In addition, the case is treated by outdoor full-spray plastic, and the mute box is more waterproof and weather-resistant; It cancels the traditional design of air inlet at the bottom of the box and prevents the suction of sundries and dust. It provides the functions of rain, dust and radiation protection, enhances ventilation and heat dissipation, and is equipped with an independent output switch box for easy use and maintenance.
These three types of generator sets are relatively fixed. If there is an emergency power supply vehicle and other needs, the trailer type can also be selected and can be towed to any construction site by hooking up and decoupling.

Post time: Apr-08-2020