Does the diesel generator set need maintenance, if it is not used for a long time?

Many people think that I don’t need to maintain the generator without using it? What is the damage to the diesel generator set if not maintained?
First, the diesel generator set battery:  If the diesel generator battery is not protected for a long time, the electrolyte moisture evaporation can not be compensated in time, there is no equipment to start diesel generator battery charger, the battery long-term natural discharge after the power declines.

Second, diesel generator oil: engine oil is a certain shelf life, that is to say, if it is not used for a long time, the physical and chemical functions of the oil will change, and the cleanliness of the diesel generator set will deteriorate when it is operated, which will cause damage to the parts of the unit.

Third, the cooling system: If there is a problem with the cooling system, it will cause two results.

1. The cooling effect is not good and the water temperature in the generator set is too high and the shutdown is stopped;

2, the water tank leaks and the water level in the tank drops, and the diesel generator set will not be able to operate normally.

Fourth, the addition of the amount of carbon accumulation in the fuel/gas distribution system will inevitably affect the amount of fuel injected by the injector nozzle, resulting in insufficient incineration of the injector nozzle, the amount of fuel injected by each cylinder of the engine will be uneven, and the operating condition will be unstable.

Fifth, the fuel tank: water into the diesel generator set air in the temperature of the air condensation phenomenon, the formation of water beads attached to the inner wall of the tank, when the water droplets into the diesel, will make the diesel generator water content exceed the standard, when such diesel into the engine high pressure oil pump, will rust the precision coupling, assuming that the serious will damage the unit.

Six, three filter: in the process of working in the diesel generator set, oil or impurities will be deposited on the filter wall, and long-term maintenance will make the filter filtration function decline, too much deposition, the oil circuit will not be able to dredge, when the equipment works will be due to the oil can not be supplied and can not be used normally.

Seven, silent diesel generators assume that the use time is too long, the line joint may be loose, the need for regular inspection.




Post time: Jul-29-2022