Analysis and Solutions for Engine Failure to Start Diesel Generator Set

There are many reasons why the diesel generator set engine can not start, most of which are as follows:
▶ 1.There is no fuel in the fuel tank and it needs to be added.
Solution: Fill the fuel tank;
▶ 2. The poor quality of fuel can not support the normal operation of diesel engines.
Solution: Drain the fuel from the fuel tank and install a new fuel filter element. Fill the fuel tank with high-quality fuel at the same time
▶ 3. Fuel filter is too dirty
Solution: Replace with a new fuel filter
▶ 4. Broken or dirty fuel lines
Solution: Clean or replace fuel lines;
▶ 5. Fuel pressure too low
Solution: Replace the fuel filter and check that the fuel pump is working. Install a new fuel pump if necessary.
▶ 6. Air in the fuel system
Solution: Find the leak in the fuel system and repair it. Remove air from fuel system
▶ 7. Fixed exhaust valve open (insufficient fuel pressure to start engine)
Solution: Replace Fixed Drain Valve
▶ 8. Slow Starting Speed
Solution: Check battery condition, charge battery if power is lacking, replace battery if necessary
▶ 9. fuel supply solenoid valve does not open properly
Solution: Solenoid valve damage requires replacement, or circuit system checks to eliminate circuit faults
Start-up voltage must not be lower than 10V and 24V system voltage must not be lower than 18V if 12V system is started. Charge or replace the battery if it is below the minimum starting voltage.

Post time: Mar-23-2020