Leton power LT100C portable 10kVA diesel generator set open type for home use

10kVA diesel generator set
open type for home use

Rated power:8.5kw
Max. Power:10kvA
open diesel generator 10kVA
Air-cooled generator set

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10kVA diesel generator set – Open type for home use

Powerful for Home Needs: The 10kVA diesel generator set is designed to meet the power requirements of the average home, providing reliable backup power for essential appliances and equipment.
Open Type Design: The open type design offers easy access for servicing and maintenance, making it simple to keep the generator in top working condition.
Affordable and Efficient: This generator set offers great value for the money, providing efficient power output while using minimal fuel, reducing operating costs.
Easy to Operate: With its user-friendly features, operating the generator set is straightforward and simple, ensuring maximum uptime.Dependable and Durable: Engineered with high-quality components, this generator set is built to last, providing consistent power for years.


Open type Diesel Generator Set Specification
GeneratorModel LT30C LT60C LT80C LT100C
Frequency(Hz) 50/60
Voltage(V) 110/220V,115/230V,120/240V,127/220V,220/380V,230/400V,240/415V
Power(kVA) 3.5kVA 6kVA 8kVA 10kVA
Phase Number Single/Three
Engine No 178F 188F 192F 195F
Starting Electric Electric Electric Electnic
Engine type 4 strokes.OHV.1 cylinder,Air-cooled
Rated Speed (rpm/min) 3000/3600
Package size (mm) 640-470-570 750-550-650
Net/Gross Weight(ka) 73/76 115/120 120/125 125/130

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