LETON POWER 10kw super silent diesel generator set

10kw diesel generator
12kVA generator diesel silent

Rated power:10kw
Rated voltage:110/220v 115/230v1201240W1271220V 220/380V 230/380V 230/400V 240/415V
single phase/Three phase generator set

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3-12kva diesel generator is smaller than water-cooled unit and easy to move. Suitable for home emergency electricity use.Can be started remotely, increasing convenience and flexibility.
In addition, it can be equipped with ats system. ATS enables seamless transitions between the main power supply and the generator during power outages, ensuring uninterrupted electricity flow to critical systems.


Generator Output 5kW/6kVA 6kW/7kVA 7kW/8kVA 8.5kW/10kVA 10kW/12kVA
Generator Model LT500W LT600W LT800W LT1000W LT1200W
Phase 1phase/3phase
Voltage (V) 110/220/240/380/400/440
Engine Model 188FD 190FD 192FD 195FD 1100F
Engine type 4 stocks,OHV,Single cylinder,Air-cooled
Frequency(Hz 50/60Hz
Speed (RPM) 3000/3600
Silent Dimensio 950-550-770 (mm) 980-950-770(mm)
Net/Gross Weight 155/160(kg 160/165(kg) 165/170(kg) 170/175(kg) 180/190(kg)

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