ED2350iS LETON portable type generator set 1.8kW for home backup power

pure wine generator
1.8kW gasoline generator

Rated power: 1.8kW
Max. Power: 2.0kW
open type inverter generator
generator Outdoor portable generator

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The 2.0kW-3.5kW gasoline inverter generator set emerges as a versatile and portable power solution, offering a range of advantages that cater to users seeking convenience and reliability. With its compact design and lightweight build, this generator stands out as an ideal choice for those on the move, providing a reliable power source wherever it’s needed.
Foremost among its advantages is the exceptional portability of the 2.0kW-3.5kW gasoline inverter generator. Designed with mobility in mind, this unit is notably lightweight, making it easy to carry and transport to various locations. Whether for camping trips, outdoor events, or remote job sites, the ease of portability ensures users have access to a dependable power supply without the constraints of bulkier generators.


GeneratorModel ED2350iS ED28501S ED3850iS
Rated Frequency(HZ) 50/60 50/60 50/60
Rated Voltage(V 230 230 230
Rated Power(kw) 1.8 2.2 3.2
Max.Power(kw) 2.0 2.5 3.5
Fuel Tank Capacity(L) 5.5 5.5 5.5
Engine Model ED148FE/P-3 ED152FE/P-2 ED165FE/P
Engine kind      4 strokes,OHV Single cylinder,Air-cooled
StartSystem Recoilstart(Manualdrive) Recoilstart(Manualdrive) Recoilstart/Electricstart
Fuel Type unleaded gasoline unleaded gasoline unleaded gasoline
NetWeight(kg) 18 19.5 25
Packingsize(mm) 515-330-540 515-330-540 565×365×540

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