Cummins LETON 60kva diesel generator set water cooling type

Cummins Dynamo Alternator 50kW
220V generator Cummins engine

Power: 60kVA
Engine model: Cummins engine
50kW Cummins generator
Generator 60kVA
Stamford Cummins generator 50kW

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The 50kW Cummins diesel generator set is a pinnacle of reliability and efficiency in power generation. Engineered with Cummins’ cutting-edge technology, this generator ensures a steady and uninterrupted power supply. The compact design makes it versatile for diverse applications, from small businesses to remote locations. Cummins’ renowned durability and fuel efficiency are at the forefront of this generator, providing a sustainable and cost-effective solution for extended operation.


Output (kW/kVA) 56/70 64/80 70/88 80/100
Generator Model DGS-RC70S DGS-RC80S DGS-RC88S DGS-RC100S
Phase 1/3
Voltage (V) 110-415
Engine Model R6105ZD R6105ZD R6105ZD R6105AZLD
No. of Cylinder 6 6 6 6
Current(A) 100.8 115.2 126 144
Frequency (Hz) 50/60Hz
Speed (RPM) 1500/1800
Dimension (mm) 2950*1050*1450 2950*1050*1450 2950*1050*1450 2950*1050*1450

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