Container generator set power station diesel generator set 20ft 40HQ container power stationImage

Container generator set power station diesel generator set 20ft 40HQ container power station

Container generators are generators enclosed in custom-designed steel containers-available in 20 GP and 40 HQ container sizes. Container generators allows for enhanced security and durability as well as easy transportation by road, rail, sea or air.

lt can be easily scaled up or down to meet specific and changing project needs. Cost effective load-on-demand functionality with automatic stop/start to minimize fuel consumption and optimize cost-efficiency.

Optional fuel management service to remove the hassle of organizing fuel purchasing and delivery.

LETON power container generator set adopts advanced sound-absorbing materials. After scientific design, it adopts advanced technologies in the fields of acoustics and airflow to reduce the noise of the unit. It can be divided into three types: low-noise speaker type, low-noise mobile type and machine room noise reduction. It is suitable for construction in places with strict requirements on noise pollution, such as hospitals, office places, open and field fixed places, and also improves the rain, snow and sand prevention ability of the unit. The generator set is convenient, fast and easy to operate.

The details are as follows:
1. 20 feet for 1250kva and below and 40 feet for 1250kva and above;
2. With CSC certification certificate conforming to container safety convention, the complete set can be directly used as standard container for shipping, which greatly saves the transportation cost;
3. The container girder is made of square tube (different from ordinary standard container) to improve the mechanical strength of the container and bear higher dynamic load impact of generator set.



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Container diesel generator

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Container diesel generator

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